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Award-winning writer, Alicea Jones, is an essayist and the author of human interest stories both for print and online media. Endorsed by Nolan Ryan, her book, Genuinely Georgetown, is a collection of stories about people in Central Texas. Her work has appeared in local, national and international publications. Alicea helped launch Georgetown View Magazine and served as its Editor-in-Chief for three years. Alicea received a master’s degree from Pepperdine University. Alicea is a motivational writer, utilizing her wit, humor and passion to encourage others.

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Georgetown View Magazine

A Long Walk

A young woman leaves Ethiopia for America and finds the journey more brutal than she thought. . .
There is a reason why we don’t know the future. If we knew the real cost of triumph before starting out to achieve it, we might run in the opposite direction. Thankfully, we never fully know the price until we’re smack dab in the middle of the proving grounds. It’s only as we look back that we wipe the sweat from our brow and marvel at how we made it. That’s Meddy’s story—a young woman whose youthful naiveté brought her from the Horn of Africa to Georgetown.

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Georgetown View Magazine

An Instance of War | Georgetown View Magazine

A couple shares their story of peace, war, and their escape from Bosnia

Williamson County Sun Newspapaer

Dear President-Elect Obama

As you are about to become the 44th President of the United States, I know how anxious you must be to form your cabinet, committees and councils and such, especially in light of the dismal state of things. I hear you have already formed a high powered economic team. I realize your zealousness is driven by the need to boost the world’s confidence, but I really wish you had called me first. I know some people right here in Wilco (that’s our short name for Williamson County, Texas) whose input to your plan is vital. Hopefully, it’s not too late. I thought I’d save you the time flying here (with the erratic fluctuation in fuel prices and all) by writing you this letter. Here are some ideas I’m sure you’ll find helpful in putting your plan together.

Williamson County Sun Newspapaer

Hands Across The Table

It seems like families divide over the silliest things. An unpaid loan, a word untimely spoken, feuds over Aunt Lilly’s china—it’s crazy but we know it’s true. We spend so much time with our fists clenched, that we barely remember how to open them. Have you ever noticed how painful clenched fists are after a while? It’s hard work keeping those 27 bones in a tight grip.

Williamson County Sun Newspapaer

Kisses To Brazil

I remember our ride home from Austin-Bergstrom airport—anxious and uncertain about how this was going to work. We never had a foreign exchange student before. I felt like I was on a first date. Am I talking too much? Did I just insult her by saying sí instead of yes? Will she and my daughter get along? What if she doesn’t like my cooking?
A few miles northbound on IH 35 and we began to breathe again.
“They have a Pizza Hut in Brazil? A Sam’s Club too? Wow, cool.” Whew, common ground! I guess that’s human nature--searching for ways to connect. It’s like meeting another newcomer at church or the Mary Kay convention. We couldn’t be that far apart culturally, I thought, if both Georgetown and Sao Paulo have a Sam’s Club.

Georgetown View Magazine

Looking For Juan

No one knew what had happened to Juan Ramirez. He had gone to Mexico sometime in 1986 to check on his business affairs and, more important, to marry his sweetheart, Teresa. In two weeks, he would be back in Georgetown, Texas running Ramirez Grocery on 5th Street as usual. Two weeks, three, then a month passed and Juan had not returned.

Georgetown View Magazine

Mary Beth Martin: The Clown Within

More Than A Pretty Face . . .
Being a clown is more than grease paint and size 37 shoes, and squirting lapel daisies. As a beginner, Mary Beth knew getting to the big top of clowning would mean months of study. And where does any clown worth her magic tricks go to learn? Clown camp of course.

Georgetown View Magazine

Passion for Fashion Advertorial/Story: Joni's

Now, we enter the store like a bridesmaid waiting to catch the bouquet. You sense this is not just a store, but a place of enchantment. Focus, if you can, on the first rounder. A light-weight, silky, “strawberry-to-orange” summer jacket begs your attention. You are drawn by the bodice, dyed in a juicy shade of strawberry--flattering to any complexion–which then melts into a quenching shade of tangerine down to the hemline. Cinched side pockets and hood, and a flattering hip-length hem, make this summer night ‘must have’ functional as well as pretty.
In keeping with this colorful sunset-themed palette, you are lured by the ankle-skimming sun dresses posed lazily against the east wall. There are racks of them; some splashed with the color of sherbet, others with jewel tones. Spaghetti straps show off summer tans but for blushers, Joni carries coordinating sari-like scarves to drape loosely about the shoulders.

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Priority! Magazine Salvation Army

Priority! Magazine - The Salvation Army

Stronger Than Willpower
One day when I was supposed to be running an errand for my father, I doubled back, peeked through the window, and saw him inject a needle into his arm. His chin flopped down to his c...

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The Amy Foundation


Award-winning article about a man and his addiction

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Priority! Magazine Salvation Army

Spring 2012 Priority! Magazine - The Salvation Army

Award-winning article about a man and his addiction

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Georgetown View Magazine

Gift from a Stranger | Georgetown View Magazine

Anonymous gifts bring joy (and a scrumptious recipe!)